Greeting & Introduction

신의 믿고 맡길수 있는 신뢰의 기업
상호존중하며 열정적깅 직원들의 기업/창의 끊임없이 자기계발로 장인을 만드는 기업
연구하고 개척하여 미래을 준비하는 기업/봉사 정직하게 벌어서 많이 베풀어 주는 기업
어려운 이웃을 돕고 건전한 문화창달에 기여하는 기업

Thank you very much for visiting our website.

We sincerely thank our customers, suppliers and related organizations for their support in our growth since the founding of Worldrun Corporation in 2008. Recently, the trading and logistics business environment in Korea and throughout the world has faced many challenges and changes. Our company as a leading international freight forwarding and logistics service provider, foresee many changes forthcoming from the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Block Chain, Globalization, etc., and have invested for innovations. We believe that the only way to cope with the wave of change and uncertainty in the future ahead is to pursue cost reduction structure and standardization by securing competitiveness and efficiency of work. These efforts will provide quality service for our clients and serve as a basis for the development of mutually beneficial management. In the future, we will keep continue to pursue growth as a comprehensive logistics company through continuous research and development, as well as hardware enhancement and overseas network development. We would like to ask you for your support and cooperation so that we can grow into companies with long lasting histories together.

Kebin Kim / President & CEO